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Bonus van Gaming Club Casino

66x Inzetvereisten
$ 373000 Max uitbetalen
Exclusieve bonus: $ 4485 no deposit bonus code op Grote voet Nextgen Gokautomaatspel

EUR 425 gratis chip bijgewerkt: Maart 16, 2012 Auteur: Justin Hankin

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  • Homer Chidester
    Homer Chidester

    Moge het geluk naar je lachen.

  • Mahmud Chipley
    Mahmud Chipley

    Yea, I&’d like to hear some too besides trinidad saying &;it&’s a deposit bonus” as apparently when I or others say &;I got this code” or &;worked for me”, or ‘was unable to claim” that is not considered useful information as I put that out there as often as I can and I see some others too, but by golly, that&’s not good enough for some, I guess we are expected to go try every bonus even though we are not depositors of that site, a new player, or just don&’t friggin want to play there b/c it sucks. Hell, I&’ve seen people give some customer service feedback or live chat instances, but you know what, players don&’t have those experiences everyday, and thank God, b/c if I was having to visit customer service or live chat so often that I can share it everyday, then that would more than likely mean I am getting some shitty deal/service from that casino, as that is when I find I have the need for them. So if most casual players are like me, they deposit, they go to their game of choice, they spin, maybe win, maybe lose, but what real info is that to share about that casino? Not much different from one casino from the other to me, only the shell/homepage on the site is different (among sister sites) I generally leave with a loss b/c I keep playing til it&’s gone, so for the most part, I have not had many cash out experiences, and I know many others are like that as well. But yet, it seems to be our responsibility to some to share this information. But ya know what? When someone has asked the question on ‘how does this casino pay out&’ or ‘what is the best casino to deposit at&’ members have answered, including myself. That&’s how us old timers can share, and that&’s how conversation gets started, someone asks a question, others reply, but if ya don&’t ask, we can&’t reply. But apparently, we are expected to go research the casino, and come back here and report our information so we can save the ‘trinidads&’ of the blog the time and effort it would take to go find that information themselves. We are expected to try all codes and again, save the ‘trinidads&’ the time and effort it takes to go try it themselves. I tell ya Rhoda, there is no pleasing some people. I go to a casino to relax and see it as only for entertainment purposes, and if I should win, woo hoo, but if I&’m out for relaxation and entertainment, I damn sure am not going to go spend my time researching, I&’ll save that for the hardcore/serious gamblers, they should do their OWN research. I find it funny too how some of these people say they have been here for years, (and not you floppy, as I&’ve seen you share your personal casino experiences many times) but somehow, they don&’t know a damn thing, or have no personal experiences to share. How can someone come out and say they have been here for years, but we missed all that good information they shared all the way? Can you tell me that @rho-rho ?? If ya even made it this far!!! LOL By the way, I have done what I call my tally nights, where I&’ve gone through each and every casino that I could try and reported back the results, and floppy has appreciated that effort when I have done so, and many of those casinos I didn&’t even want to try, but I sure didn&’t see the ‘trinidads&’ thanking me. Hmmmmm.